Features ico3Private Video Hosting

Orowa provides video hosting for you private and confidential videos Unlike YouTube your videos are not available to the public and only securely shared with the specific people you select. This makes Orowa the perfect place to share your training videos, onboarding videos, company updates or any other type of internal video you need to share to only specific people.


Features ico2Control Who Can Access Your Videos

With Orowa your videos are only accessible to the people you have specifically invited to have access to your account. Your videos are never accessible to the general public keeping your confidential videos private and secure. You can even control who can contribute videos and who can only view them.


Features ico1Works On All Devices

Orowa works across all devices, providing you with access to view or manage your videos and when you need them. You can even upload your videos from your phone or tablet making it easy for you to film and share your videos.